Companies That Do Not Test On Animals

20120827151955Cruelty is not beautiful… There is thousands of makeup companies around the world who test their products on animals, but there is even more who do not take these extreme levels. Thousands of companies follow the grade 12 focus on faith theme of Community and Common Good. It is in our best interest to take action and eliminate all the companies who are harming the innocent creatures brought into this world. We all need to take a stand, even one person eliminating animal cruelty makeup products in their daily glam look can save the life of an innocent being.20120827151955

Makeup companies who do not test on animals :

  1. Two Faced Cosmetics
  2. Smash Box
  3. NYX
  4. Lush
  5. Bath & Body Works
  6. The Body Shop
  7. Urban Decay
  8. Aveda
  9. Elf Cosmetics
  10. Milani

Please do research on a makeup company before pursuing in their products. Animal cruelty needs to come to an end.

20120827151955Love all my glam queens!20120827151955

Comment your thoughts down below!


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