Products That Are Not Worth Buying

20120827151955Maya Angelou once famously said “All great achievements require time.” To all my beauty queens I wanna inform you that to achieve the perfect glam it takes time and practice. No one will  accomplish the perfect wing eyeliner on the first try, you have to learn from the mistakes made. Many spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products, unfortunately many trending makeup products are not worth the price. I am here to help you reach your achieved makeup look faster by showing you some products that are not worth the hype. 20120827151955

  1. The Better Than Sex Mascara ($30.00 CAD) : One of the most popular mascara right now throughout the makeup community. The mascara does not live up to the hype, as it dries out after 3 applications and the product flakes off your eyelashes after only a few hours.


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2. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara ($31.00 CAD) : Another mascara that has way too much hype behind the name. This mascara dries out instantly and is not worth the price. The brush application is also too thin for the upper lashes and does not promote volume.


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3. Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($44.00 CAD) : This primer is not worth the price. The primer clogs your pores and will cause you to break out in acne. Product also is not a good foundation base, as the foundation will start to crease.


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4. Urban Decay Primer Potion Tube ($26.00 CAD) : Applying eyeshadow after using this primer makes it very hard to blend. The primer also starts to crease on the upper lid. Does not come with a lot of product in the tube as well.


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5. Sephora Collection 12 HR Wear Eye Liner ($15.00 CAD) : The Sephora Collection eyeliner does not do its job. The liner smudges instantly with very little pressure. The liner does not live up to its name, as it does not last even close to 12 hours.


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20120827151955Love all my glam queens!20120827151955

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