Makeup Hacks

20120827151955Hello fellow beauty queens! I’m here to make your lives 10x easier, by teaching you  some new makeup tips and tricks to achieve the perfect glam. Here’s 10 makeup hacks that will help you make your routine look bomb! 20120827151955

1. Need help achieving the perfect cat eye? Make a perfect wing by using any credit card or hotel room key laying around.


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2. Is your mascara running out? Say goodbye to all the flaky lashes and hello to your new set of plumped lashes. Add three drops of contact solution to your dried out mascara to last longer.


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3. Want longer lashes without the struggle of eyelash extensions or false lashes? Use a cotton swab and dab on baby powder between mascara applications.


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4. Late night? Apply concealer under the eyes in a triangular shape to look more awake. This will also brighten up any unwanted under eye circles.


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5. Need your lipstick to last all night? Hold a tissue over your lips and dust them with translucent powder.


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6. Want full plump lips without injections? Add peppermint oil to your lip gloss to give a plumping boost!


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7. Want long lashes? Blow dry your eyelash curler before use to get a better curl.


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8. Did you just waste $50 on a foundation that is too dark for your complexion? Just add a bit of moisturizer to your mix. This can also help if your foundation is too dry or thick.


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9. Have you ever ran out of eyeliner in the middle of a glam look? Just get a liner brush and use your mascara as a substitute.


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10. Do you want to fake full lips? Apply a light pencil in the middle of your lips to give off a more fuller complexion.


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20120827151955Love all my glam queens!20120827151955

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Hacks

  1. Hi maya, its Stephanie your blog taught me a lot, I had no idea that heating up your eyelash curler will make your eyelashes longer, I’ve actually never knew that and its a very original idea. A cotton swab to dab on baby powder between mascara application to get eyelashes longer, very cool.


    1. I’m glad that you loved it! I hope these hacks will help make your life easier and more sufficient. Keep posted for more tips and tricks to improve your everyday glam! #GlamFam


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