Makeup Trends

20120827151955All my social glam fans will understand how much of an influence the media has on the makeup community! Everyday thousands of beauty tutorials are posted across the globe. A lot of the looks posted start to raise attention and become a trend that everyone must try. I am here to show you a few of my favourite makeup trends!20120827151955

  1. Sometimes a beauty guru has to improvise if they are missing a product. Everyone is trying out the new liquid lipstick eyeshadow trick. If you are missing an eyeshadow colour or ran out, just take your favourite liquid lipstick and blend it out with a fluffy creasing brush!


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2. Since all my glam queens are royalty, they need a crown. The new crown eyeshadow trend will have everyone feeling like a true beauty queen. Just cut out a zig zags line on a piece of tap and fill in the line with your favourite eyeshadow colours. Add whatever sparkles or glitter you want to make the most of your crown!


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3. Lips have gone to another extreme, theres numerous steps to reach the perfect lip glam. Ombre lips are the new trend that has everyone talking. Add a darker colour on the outer part of the lips and fill in the inside with a lighter colour.


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Kylie Jenner was spotted rocking this trend as well!


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5. Translucent powder is your best friend if you plan to take numerous selfies. Translucent powder sets your foundation and concealer to create a perfect matte finish and also to prevent creasing. The trend is to let the powder sit under the eyes and beneath the contour line to create a flawless finish!


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Even the reality icon Kim Kardashian is not afraid to show off her baking skills!


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5. I have saved the best for last… Instagram brows! Having the perfect “fleek” eyebrows is the most important step in a makeup look. This trend has taking over all social media and millions of inspired guru’s are following this look.


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20120827151955Love all my glam queens!20120827151955

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