Makeup Dupes

Sometimes drug store makeup can do the job better than the designer brand. Price does not define the makeups abilities, and drug store makeup needs more recognition in the beauty community. Constantly on this blog, it mentions a lot of makeup on the higher end of the spectrum. Today I am showing you makeup dupes […]

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Makeup Look Under $20

Millions of dollars are spent each year on makeup. All my glam queens can agree that makeup is overpriced. Today I am going to show you an everyday makeup look under $20. No matter how expensive the makeup you buy from is, it is all about the application. The right brush can make an eyeshadow […]

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Makeup Trends

All my social glam fans will understand how much of an influence the media has on the makeup community! Everyday thousands of beauty tutorials are posted across the globe. A lot of the looks posted start to raise attention and become a trend that everyone must try. I am here to show you a few of […]

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Makeup Hacks

Hello fellow beauty queens! I’m here to make your lives 10x easier, by teaching you  some new makeup tips and tricks to achieve the perfect glam. Here’s 10 makeup hacks that will help you make your routine look bomb!  1. Need help achieving the perfect cat eye? Make a perfect wing by using any credit […]

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The Holy Grail of Makeup

All fellow beauty queens will understand the struggle of finding the right shade for the right skin type. It takes time and practice to find the ultimate glam for a night out or just an everyday natural look. No need to stress any longer, I am here to share with you all my holy grail […]

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